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Poh Yep Sdn Bhd established on 1975, was the most authentic solid wood door producer. Since its establishment, Poh Yep initiated strategy of “quality interface make marketing happen”, enabled Poh Yep to grow rapidly in Malaysia. We based our first 50,000 sq feet manufacturing factory in Balakong with 300 labor forces, annually able to produce 200,000 set of wood doors, was the No. 1 wood door manufacturer and wood door market leader in Malaysia.

Essence in Poh Yep is the renowned traditional craving art inherited from Chinese ancient time. Sculpture is made available in our wood door whenever customers request for it and retained the Chinese artistic value in product until today.

In year 2007, Poh Yep Sdn Bhd has been transformed to Poh Yep Holdings (M) Sdn Bhd since 11 showrooms are emerged from a small size storefront located in Jalan Kuari under the leadership of Mr. Tan Song Huat. Through his innovation knowledge and implementation of ERP system has enabled Poh Yep Holding (M) Sdn Bhd to reduce human resources from 300 labor forces to just 60 labor forces and effectively increased company’s effectiveness nowadays.

Poh Yep Holdings (M) Sdn Bhd strength lies in its extensive network ensuring that its quality products and services are within reach to every home. Strategically located throughout Malaysia, all its eleven branches are integrated with an advanced computer network and its own warehouse that is fully equipped to ensure that stocks and parts are readily available.